Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1st Open House Gathering


  1. What a great job you did setting your party up Debbie. I wish we lived closer so I could actually have been there. It looks like a lot of fun having others around creating also and you being there to show how things work out to make something end up so beautifully. Thank goodness for computers. I can actually still learn from your blog or just by writing and asking you any questions I need answered. I wish you the best of luck. Never give up. Thanks for inviting me to your party via online. I enjoyed it and am definitely booking one from you. Hugs and Love ! God Bless you and yours. TJ

  2. Thanks TJ. I sure wish you could have been here for it too.
    It would be so neat if we lived closer to each other.
    Thanks for ordering and for having a party when you are able to.
    And thanks for helping me so much!
    hugs & love ya